In a rapidly changing world, the only way to make your organisation competitive and sustainable is to develop an organisation with high adaptive capacity.

Adaptive capacity

What makes us different

The adaptive model differs from traditional approaches. It seeks the co-responsibility of the members of the organization when promoting change. It also states that the main competitive advantage of an organization is in the development of its adaptive capacity.

Working with a specific team within an organization has the risk of focusing exclusively on this group and neglecting the context in which it operates. Our approach is based on a general view of the system affected by the change, analyzing its impact on the different stakeholders, to develop effective mobilization strategies.

Above the production of documents or the realization of activities, our commitment is to ensure outcomes that generate progress, by working hand in hand with our clients and making sustainable changes happen.

The adaptive model, the systemic view and the commitment to generate outcomes results in effective methodologies that we develop and put at the service of our clients through experienced consultants

Experience has shown us that organizational change is not only necessary but possible. And it goes hand in hand with a leadership that is driven by a purpose, that is moved by conviction and that listens and involves others. We have seen it in our clients. We embrace it. We want it for our society.



  • Encuesta de Cultura Digital: Segundo informe

    La transformación digital es un proceso complejo que impacta todas las dimensiones del negocio y la organización a través de la incorporación de tecnología: visión y estrategia, formas de trabajo, cultura y personas, liderazgos, uso de tecnología, digitalización de procesos, gestión de datos y toma de decisiones se ven afectadas y deben ser. El COVID-19 ha provocado

    September 7, 2020
  • Sostenibilidad en alerta

    Un 43% de ejecutivos vinculados a la sostenibilidad y asuntos corporativos sostiene que los presupuestos destinados a esta área se han congelado o disminuido, según la encuesta Pulso de Sostenibilidad, realizada por CLA Consulting y Acción Empresas. Un área impactada por la pandemia, pero positiva sobre el rol que asumirá la estrategia de sostenibilidad al interior

    August 21, 2020
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    July 24, 2020



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